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Research department

We have our own research department composed of engineers and technicians who design wooden buildings in conformity with:

  • National building norms (CB71)
  • European norms (Eurocode)
  • Antisismic norms (anti earth hemor)
  • Thermic rules RT

Our technical skills associated with CAD enable us to draw and optimize our structures. We can adapt our know how to any kind of project thanks to a great reactivity.

Calculating the structure

We use a 3D and multi material software for wood three dimensional structures, or mixed structures (wood and metal).

Drawing plans

Software CAD 3 D Catia V5 (Dassault System) is used.

Thanks to this efficient tool we make 3D scale computerized models representing the building site, the land, the stonework, the size of the building so that we can anticipate and deal with the interactions between the other trades.