Our activity fits in with ecology and sustainable development.

Environmental approach

Wood is able to stock carbon dioxide, so it is an ecofriendly material. It is one of the foremost “green” building material to be used in the fight against global warming.

Sustainable development concern

Wood is renewable and recyclable. We only use high quality certified timber coming from managed forest from Scandinavia.
In these cold and dam countries trees grow slowly and regularly giving wood its excellent mechanical characteristics.

Healthy housing

Laminated wood is a material of choice respecting the quality of air inside buildings by emitting very little pollution. It is highly recommended to build public premises such as schools, nurseries, food warehouses or wine storehouse.

The warm feeling that wood procures also added to the comfort and the atmosphere it creates.

Different species for different building

Our experience and know-how enable us to choose the most appropriate wood for each building. So we use various species such as:

  • Northern pine tree
  • Spruce tree
  • Larch tree
  • Oak tree
  • Red cedar
  • Douglas fir tree
  • Exotic species : teak or iroko